fredag den 10. juli 2009

Come in she said I'll give you shelter from the storm.Bob Dylan 1974

Today has been very different because I woke up to a thunderstorm at about 6 o'clock and there was absolutely no chance of getting away, it was the first real storm I've had to face and it went on for hours so I just went to bed and kept an eye on the weather report which gave me a fair idea of where it was coming from and when it would stop.At about 11 o'clock I began cycling out of Sedalia but had to be fairly careful and keep an eye on the clouds, wind the possible return of lightning.From that point I knew I would not get to Kansas City today so I put my sights on Warrensburg about 50 kms away.Just before Warrensburg I had to pick up speed because the wind had changed direction and heavy clouds were on their way so I stopped in at the Comfort Inn and asked if I could use their computer to look at the weather.They were very obliging and helpful and of course yet another cloud burst was on it's way and sometimes it's hail.From there I was a bit stuck..what now?? They offered me a cup of coffee and asked me where and why I was cycling, I told them what I was doing and gave them my blog and then they very kindly offered me a room for the night, free of charge...... I could not and can believe my luck.....Thank you to the staff of the Comfort Inn.
Tomorrow I 'll be in Kansas city and will be meeting up with my friend Ted and his family, and I'm looking forward to that.
Yes, the weather is unpredictable, but I reckon this is part of the challenge of the trip, it's not just the cycling!!

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