torsdag den 9. juli 2009


I believe that breakdown yesterday was a blessing in disguise, because it wasn't just a quick repair I needed it a full scale going through of just about everything on my bike, more of a reparation and preparation for the coming weeks, after Kansas city it's going to be more testing and challenging,I look forward to it although with anticipation....I can actually learn something from the marathons I've done, someone said to me once that I was bit of a slow train but I get there in the end and if I follow that theme "one step at a time "I should get across Kansas in good shape.
On top of all the reparations today I managed to arrange a couple of jobs this evening.The first one is at an Ice cream and Deli cafe and there is a good story behind it. I was on my way to the Pro Velo Cycle Sport Shop to pick up tyres and tubes when I decided to have an ice cream so I popped into this cafe and chose it and said something about a hot summer and thank you and that was that!! I sat there enjoying my cherry sorbet when a lady from the kitchen (the ownwer)came over to me and said she had to say thank you to my country and to Queen Elizabeth for saving her life,she had heard my british accent and it reminded her of her stay in Hong Kong back in 1975.Why Queen Elizabeth? I asked. Saving your life?.. I was a little confused but I asked her to continue, so she sat down and she told me why.
The last days of the war in Vietnam she was in Saigon together with her sisters trying to get out, but there was little or no chance , there was utter panic and chaos in the streets , the American embassy had closed down and could not help and everyone was trying to get on planes ,boats helicopters or anything just to flee. She managed to join a group without knowing where it was going and ended up on an overloaded ship going nowhere,yes like many others,she was one of the boat people.At that moment she had no chance of doing anything, just waiting and hoping. After sometime british ships were assigned to help out and luckily she was able to scramble onto one, breaking both ankles at the same time.She described the total maddness of it all and I could see the connection now and how she still felt and that's the reason why wants to thank Queen Elizabeth.Ru , that's her name, got to america a few years later and owns, together with her husband ,an very fine Ice cream cafe in Sadalia and I know her is very grateful for her life and America . . I asked if I could come back and play in her cafe this evening and that is exactly what I'm going to do and then on to an open mike just down the road.
I 'm off to Kansas city tomorrow after a good and revitalizing rest day!!
For those who haven't heard, England are stuggling against Australia in the first test match.. you can all tune in on my blog BBC CRICKET!!
See you tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Rupert! Thanks a lot for all the tales of people & places, I hope you're enjoying your journey even in situations of challenge... Looking at the map, I can see your point about Kansas! Probably just as good to have your horses well cared for at this point. I hope your bike is OK now. Wishing you all things nice! Anita, Odense.

  2. Hi Rupert, read your stories with great interest!! It's so wonderful to follow and feel you this way. You seem to have a great time & I should have convinced you that you needed to take me with you... But anyhow, then I could not have been at Søltvej to comfort your wife and daughter, as we are right now with the whole family. We have just been eating a wonderful dinner. Clara just returned from Roskilde Gospel Festival & sommerhouse. And my son Rasmus has also returned to the Sandy Acres. They had a real good time at Roskilde.
    I slammed the door in Stenstrup for a couple of hours ago and not intending to return before in 2 weeks. Lovely...... Hoping the next cycling days will not be too hard and that you take your time to relax. So long, Cees