mandag den 20. juli 2009

EXACTLY 31 DAYS LEFT.......I think?

Trouble with my gears again but this time it's just wear and tear, so I've got a brand new chain on my bike and I' ve just had the whole thing looked at before I head up into the Rocky Mountains..this next next 2 weeks is going to be very up,up and down,it's going to be another challenging chapter on this tour, but as I came into Pueblo this morning there appear to be quite a few bikers doing the mountains so hopefully I won't be totally alone,and there seems to be quite a few "camp sites " on route 50, so that looks good.
I'm not quite sure how the blogging will work out up in the mountains but there are some towns, so there should be a chance.
I get the feeling you ALL want me to buy this digital camera and that clears my conscience quite a bit....So there's good chance I'll buy it before I leave Pueblo......
The landscape in the last couple of days has been flat and arid I wouldn't say desert but it's getting there,I'll hit the real desert after the Rockies.
I haven't mentioned the wildlife so much since I 've started, that's probably because I've seen more dead than alive. Certainly in the first 3 weeks I saw deer ,groundhogs,rackoons,couple of dead snakes , skunks, one cayote creeping across the road, I certainly heard things in the shrubbery and the woods but what that was I have no idea.But generally it's pretty interesting what turns up,the moths and butterflies are big and beautiful.I'm now running out of time in the library so I'll wish you all a Goodevening or Goodnight!

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  1. Make sure and get pictures of yourself bungee chord jumping off of Royal Gorge bridge. Somebody actually did that if you can believe it. (Near Canon City)

    Ted P.