søndag den 19. juli 2009

Goodafternoon dear bloggers and readers !
Cricket is a very unpredictable game, in fact it's very much like the weather, just when you think you are home and dry and ready take your boots off,the other team turns the whole game around and you back in another position.Yesterday England were about to finish the game off ,today, Australia dug deep and played really well if they continue like this they might just win tomorrow.
The same sort of thing happened to me today, I had a great start, plenty of sunshine and pace ,had a couple of very pleasant meetings with some bikers,Pete,Karina and Don and was ready to hit Pueblo by sundown..easy,so I thought!Later, I took a quick afternoon break, grabbed a hotdog and soda and headed for La Junta but ended up with a severe stomache by the time I got here, then came the rain and thunder,and that was that for today! Now thinking back, that sausage was the last on the plate, not to mention the flies around it and how many days it had been there?....I just don't know. I'm resting now in a motel and the owner, believe it or not, has a great knowledge of cricket.. and he served me a cup of Indian tea and that was quite soothing,thank you Mahesh. I did 90kms today so it wasn't that bad.Pueblo tomorrow maybe? And no more hot dogs! I'm going to lie down now...Bye!

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  1. Get that camera, Rupert. Some of the best views of your whole trip are just ahead in Colorado.
    Also, a message to everyone out there that is a fan of cycling: you should all consider coming to Iowa to take part in "Ragbrai" which is an annual big bike ride across the State of Iowa. Please see the website: http://ragbrai.com/

    Hope to see you in Iowa in the future.
    Ted P.