fredag den 31. juli 2009

What with England boys doing well at Edgbaston,my nearly brand new pedals working well, my guitar and books being sent to San fransisco because of water space, everything is OK!
Yesterday was probably the most eye opening,wild, hairraising experience I've had so far, in fact it was exhilerating. Cycling along the ridge of the Escalante canyons,no fences ,just shear drops on either side.....WOW!SPOOKY!RESPECT! Ups and downs all the way,14% downhill, no time for photos,I stop , I think ...there must be a creator!!
In the past 3 days I've hooked up with 2 others, Daniel and Greg, they are also on there way to San Fran,which is good company,and I get some good ideas about cycling, pedal clips etc and have company to drink a beer with.
I'm on my way to Panguitor now, I'll be there by tomorrow.
See you Tomorrow!

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  1. Hej Rupert....

    Its Leif here... just thought id drop you a message to see how you were. I also just recently heard from dad that you are currently on a big tour cycling across America to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, I’m very impressed and also wanted to see how that was going.
    I’ve just been reading through your blog with great fascination, it sounds like you’re having such a great time cycling from place to place, stopping off playing music, seeing some incredible places and meeting some lovely people along the way. I particularly enjoyed reading about your time spent travelling through the Colorado Rockies, it sounds like such an amazingly beautiful place to cycle through. I also enjoyed watching the videos of your time spent with the musicians at Berea College; it seems like everyone you’ve met along your travels have greeted you with such kind hospitality. I would really love to do something like that in the future, would be such an experience, personal achievement; and to do it in aid of such a good cause. “Hats off to you Rupert”

    I was just wondering how I would go about donating some money to your cause, as I couldn’t understand the link from your blog as it was to a Danish payment site, any tips.

    I also wanted to wish you a belated birthday from all of us in England I hope you enjoyed your day, I can’t think of a better way to spend it on an adventure like this.
    I see England have been doing well in the cricket this year what with their win against Australia; let’s hope the rain holds off for them at Edgebaston.

    Anyway I wish you well Rupert and hopefully I shall get to see you sometime soon when you’ve completed your adventure. It’s been too long since we all last saw each other, send my love to Charlotte and Clara.
    I will be closely following your progress over the last leg of your journey. Keep the photos and blogs coming.

    Best of luck and much fond love

    Leif, Sarah, Hannah & Eliza xxxx