fredag den 3. juli 2009

It took some time to get out of Louisville because I spent some time meandering around the shopping streets, looking for certain guitars , they seem to be a lot cheaper here, but I think I 'll wait until I get to San Fransisco before I invest in anything.....if I get there..... on time.
I got out of Louisville about 3 o'clock in the afternoon and was all set to get up to Route 50 by early evening , Shoals was my goal until I hit a pot hole which threw me over my handlebars and into a ditch, luckily my bike and trailer only slid down the bank and I was only shaken with a few cuts and bruises. Generally the roads are quite good but there are these holes in the road caused by the floods last winter, so it's a reminder about hinderances in the future, keep your eyes on the road and helmet definitely on your head!!
After a break in the nearest gas station I decided to continue with no haste or hurry just keeping my eyes on the road and seeing how far I could get and eventually find a place to put my put my tent up along the way. 70kms later I arrived in Paoli, I felt fine and was prepared to press on another 10-20 kms then call it a day, but suddenly heard the sound of music, it sounded live and of my taste, Folk, blues and country, so I drifted in that direction and sure enough there was a Wednesday evening session with various bands.I stood there behind the audience and began filming, the atmosphere was good and while doing so I was asked where I was going and was that a guitar I had on my trailer. The conversation devoloped and in no time at all I had found a place to sleep, thank you Pete Webb, and was invited to join Roween, Dave, Josiah and Eve on stage in half an hour and was asked if I could contribute some of my own music, introduce myself and talk about MS.I had just enough time to take my gloves off ,
wash my hands, grab a hot dog , tune my guitar and then join them...........I followed what they played and they followed what I played and it was really good fun and the audience enjoyed themselves. It ended up with 8 or 9 of us on stage...Blues, folk, contra, trads and I had already forgotten all about falling in the ditch that afternoon.I just have to say they were extremely friendly and talented people and it was just one of those moments when you have to grab the chance. THANKS!!! I had a grat time.
I slept on the Porch at Pete Webbs house, and slept like a log, if you are reading this Pete I put a thank you note in your post box,
And as for today , it's been pretty good ,I'm close to 1500 kms all in all and am now in Lawrenceville in the state of Illinois, and I've cycled through a time zone and gained an hour today......that always helps!
They say that there are storms brewing up tomorrow, so I've got hop from town to town.
Tomorrow is also Independance Day and that should be interesting.
PS. Soeren, you asked me about Biscuits and Bread, I'm afraid I got it wrong , it's called Biscuits and gravy and its a traditional breakfast and it tastes good.
Goodnight everyone in Denmark,England and the USA...Sleep well!

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  1. Heya Rupe

    I thought so, the Biscuits ARE the Bread or something to that effect. But a description by you (and John Steinbeck) will do it more justice than Google Images. (Just tell us when you get back.)

    Mange hilsener fra Anita og Søren