lørdag den 25. juli 2009

May you never leave your friend out in the cold John Martyn 1973

Millions of thanks for all your birthday greetings ,fantastic! I'm very touched by it all ...Thank you, Thank you,Thank you!!! Yesterday and today I have been totally knocked out by the landscape, It's as if I can't get enough of it and I have to stop and pinch myself ,I know it sounds dramatic but it is incredibly beautiful in this area of Colorado,the mountains , the rocks, the creeks, the colours ....I'm overwelmed by it!! I'm now in a town called Naturita and will be heading to Dove Creek and Blanding tomorrow so I seem to be moving in the right direction and roughly on time. Last night I came to a town called Ridgway and decided to have a cup of coffee before moving on to Placerville,I stopped in at Cafe called Cups and heard about Music arrangement that evening so I decided to stay and low and behold it ended up as really good musical session....There is so much I want to explain and I'll do it tomorrow when I've got more time ....the evening ended with a request of May you never which I was of happy to sing but didn't have to because the other musicians Knew it very well and sang it very well.....John Martyn lives on!!!

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