mandag den 6. juli 2009

Today has been a slow but steady day,just creeping through the suburbs of east St Louis,over the Mississippi river,through some really smokey industrial areas then down town looking for a coffee bar,but could I find one..not one in sight so I cycled on.But I really want to start with the day before yesterday , the Independents day celebrations in Salem, I noticed shortly after I had written to you all that most of the flags were flying half mast,and was informed later that one of their soldiers from Salem was killed in Iraq that day so there wasn't much celebration, the town was in mourning,so I just went to bed.
The next morning I cycled through town and dropped into Courtyard corner Coffee shop just to check up on my Blogs, gmails and cricket and I found myself in the company of 2 early morning expresso drinkers and immediately was invited to join them. Dave ,the owner, Steve, a teacher,and we just got into a good conversation about everything from world politics to Multiple Sclerosis, time flew by and it was already 9 o,clock and after another expresso I was on my way, but that a good way to start the good company.
I got to the outskirts of St Louis about six in the evening, it was all very flat and easy to get there
and headed for the camping site which took hours , up one road then down the next, do a left and it should be just on the other side, when you cross the highway turn right and it's only 15 miles down the road the lake.... I think??. Well I got there by 9 o'clock, and yes it was by a lake,near a wood ,surrounded by rein deer and fire flies it was remote and beautiful but had no facilities, just a water pump and nothing else,and I had been dreaming of that All American Italian Camping pizza SLICE and large coca cola to wash it it down with....and did I have food with me?NO!!!! So I pitched my tent and then sat down and watched the sunset and drank the last drops of my powerade and dug into a pot of honey which Clara gave me just before I left and had water for my pudding! I was too tired to care......but the honey tasted great.
Now I'm in a town called Union which is about 70 kms from St Louis , tomorrow I'll be on my way to Jefferson......Goodnight everyone!

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