lørdag den 15. august 2009

COAST TO COAST.......I did it!

I am now sitting in a house on a hill in San francisco with beautiful view over the city,just trying get my bearings right.....is that it?.....no more hills,deserts....poweraids! It all happened so quickly...It's going to take some time to digest,there'll be more blogging and pictures in the next few days,but right now I want to say millions of thanks to everyone who has blogged, emailed and sent messages to me throughout my trip....it meant so much to me ...it was as if you were pushing me up the mountains! Thank you! GOODNIGHT...I'LL BE BACK TOMORROW!

American Tune, Poul Simon, performed by Ollerup Efterskoles Fælleskor 2008/09

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hej rupert

    Velkommen på den anden side !

    Awesome .. som de vist siger over there

    det har været en fast rutine hver dag lige at checke din blog for at se hvor langt du nu var kommet og spændende at læse dine historier.. mon ikke du har 1000 flere at fortælle når du når helt hjem ?

    mvh niels

  2. at der sidder to på Søltvej, som er så stolte og har svært ved "at få armene ned" af bare respekt:-) Nu glæder vi os bare til at få dig hjem igen:-)

    Clara og Charlotte

  3. Hi again! And these pictures..., and the clothes you wear on them, they suddenly seem so big on you....!? Did you leave som kilo's of corperal ballast in the dessert?? And then these legs, so muscular, so impressing. This must be seen soon in real life...