mandag den 3. august 2009


Set out from Milford at 6 o'clock this morning to get some cycling in before it got too hot, I'm still following with the 2 others,Greg and Daniel, but we don't cycle together, either I set off off before them or them before me , but we meet up during the day at gas stations , tops of mountains but then we split up again works out pretty well.
From Milford to Baker is about 136 kms and without any towns in between, so today has been a real tester and it worked out quite well,I arrived in Baker at 3 o'clock and was not that tired . Some people told me that there wasn't much out there and that was true , there were 3 mountain passes and 3 desert like prairies and a long ,long road and a hot wind blowing across and the whole place seems very bare and I just hold onto my handlbars and look down onto the road and just try to think positive and not think too far ahead.
I still have my guitar with me , I decided that I want to have the whole trip through so I threw out some clothes instead and some other equipment too,and that gives me room for the 2 gallons of water .Drink, drink,drink is the answer because you don't notice how thirsty you become in this dry heat and all of a sudden your mouth and lips are totally dry ,so it,s incredibly important in the next 12 days.
How time flies,I can't believe that I 'm already in Nevada ,I was talking to the others about this trip and we all agreed that this form of cycling is so different from other forms of travel, the major sites and land marks are not on the main list because there is no time to go off route and explore , it's all about moving forward and catching what you can without knowing what it is,then checking the sky , your bike ,your water , next place to sleep , play or blog ,find food,tomorrows weather and so on!!It sounds crazy but its all pretty basic, yes it's back to basics!..But it's fun!
Anyway the Australians did well in the last match and it was drawn which means its up to the last 2 matches where England have to win at least one to gain the let's hope!?
So from here in Nevada I wish you all a very good evening ,goodmorning or goodnight!

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  1. hej Rups
    Her mærker man faktisk, at det er ved at gå den anden vej med hensyn til har dog siddet i haven og hygget os de sidste par aftner:)
    Det er bare superflot, at du i det hele taget kan finde frem til steder med internet, så alle vi andre kan få lov at følge med i turen.

  2. nåh...ja, jeg ville jo også lige sige, at det jo er lige før jeg her i huset er ved at savne lyden af BBC crickets time/dage lange reportager fra sommerens kampe. Lydene plejer at komme fra haven, til tider overdøvet af hækkeklipperen. Nu kan jeg kun høre hækkeklipperen.....og det er alt for tæt på(mit eget øre):-):-):-)

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