fredag den 14. august 2009


I was meant to get to Fairfield yesterday but I ended up at a very good gallery in Davis,and then had a chat with the Davis Enterprise ( local paper) and later went to a very interesting and inspiring concert with a lot of sampling ,percussion and Cello artists at the gallery , so it was pretty hard to get out, I'll have to be careful now or I'll never get to San Francisco!
See you later , I'm in Winters now and am on my way to Fairfield.........

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  1. I expect you've noticed that you are entering some of the US's best wine country. Also, have you seen any fires yet? Lastly, because of your inspiration I worked up a bunch of songs and played last week at the Des Moines farmer's market which draws thousands of people. Just voice and acoustic guitar with no amplification or electricity. Normally when I play these days, I use a truckload or two of equipment and lights so it has been nice to rediscover the roots of playing. It was a great experience, made significant money, sold a bunch of CDs and am doing it again tomorrow, Aug. 15. Look out for the wine, fires and traffic.

    Ted P.