søndag den 9. august 2009

So much to say and suddenly so little time to say it in!

Ok , I'll make this short and sweet until I have more time, I,ve just arrived in Carson city and I've just come from Fallon.I had a good evening in Middlegate and I've got quite a few pictures to blog on!!!There'll be more time tomorrow I hope?
Pity about the cricket.....we'll do better next week.
Now I'm Blogging off!!

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  1. Hey Rupe

    A bit of sad news from your Kerteminde connection...
    Yesterday, the A. P. Moeller board of directors announced that by 2012, they’re closing down the Odense Steel Shipyard at Lindoe, the last major Danish Shipyard! This didn’t really come as any shock, but it means that 3,000 workers are out of a job in three years time. They’re looking into selling off parts of the facility to the production of windmills, but it will never reach the same scale as the container vessels, maybe 2-300 welders will be needed...
    I couldn’t help thinking of this song you used to sing, hope it’s OK that I quote it here:

    There are two men working overtime
    And you know the time won’t last
    Cause they’re closing down the factory
    As they put it in the past
    :/: They took it away :/:
    Something they can’t repeat!
    :/: They took it away :/:
    Grabbed it from under our feet!

    That’s the way it ran if I remember correctly. Well, I guess we’re old enough to see history repeating itself!

    Mange hilsener fra Anita og Søren