onsdag den 12. august 2009

Somehow I seem to be savouring these last few days on the road,although this has been a more than satisfying trip so far,I've slowed down considerably,my breaks are longer,I get up later and some of these Californian Cafes suit me fine...coffee with honey in it!
I arrived in Placerville yesterday evening after having changed my 5th back tyre 10 kms out of town,it wasn't the best of times standing on the highway with alot of traffic passing ,it was the evening rush hour, anyway I arrived safely.
Since Carson city it feels that I'm back in civilisation again,no real need to store up with water and food,there's alot more traffic ,I lock my bike up again and it's nearly all down hill from now on.I'll be in San Francisco on friday with a bit of luck!
Goodmorning and Goodnight!!

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