mandag den 22. juni 2009

I left Washington this morning a 7 o'clock to be confronted by the early morning rush hour on highway 28 and I had no option but to cycle on this route and it was weird cyling next to these big trucks ,I felt very small but I survived....I don't think they even noticed I was there!
The morning went quite well , it was hot but there was a breeze that colded me down a bit, my trailer and bike seemed to be running smoothly but the afternoon was very hot so I seemed to slow down considerably,taking breaks in the shade and drinking gallons of water and that did the trick. I clocked up about 120 kms today and am now surrounded by fireflies in this very large but quiet campingsite just outside Madison... I thought I was hallucinating when I first saw them , small lights flashing in the woods, I've seen them before but not quite so many, anyway I'm off to my tent now and I wish you all goodnight or for some a good morning.

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