tirsdag den 23. juni 2009

Goodevening! After a good nights sleep at the campsite I headed towards Charlottesville,had my breakfast at petrol station ,(that seems to be the regular thing) and took a by-way not a highway towards Waynesboro and this was quite a relief because it was much quieter and much more rural and I even had time for a powernap on the roadside ......little did I know but that was what I needed because shortly afterwards I went into a local shop to get some water and the lady in the shop promptly told me I'll need more than that to get up the next hill and advised me to try a new concentrated powerdrink which would get me up the hill , put hair on my chest,and enhance anything else that needed enhancing! I drank it all in one go but it still took me an hour and a half to get to the top....it was 5 kms long and steep......the reward was gliding down the other side. Now I'm in Lexington and it's been a hot but good day despite the hill/mountain! Goodnight everyone.

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  1. Hej Rups

    Jeg vil prøve og se om jeg kan lave et kort, der følger den endelige rute du vælger at cykle, som erstatning for det første kort på bloggen. Så det er rigtig godt du også skriver navnene på de mindre byer du passerer.