fredag den 26. juni 2009

I spent yesterday evening together with Jeanne and Bruce Brenemann and they invited some friends round and I was able to explain and present a few of my songs and it was all in all a very pleasant interesting evening . I spent the night there and was served a wonderful bacon and eggs breakfast early this morning and I got off to a great start . I polished off about 120 kms today but unfortunately I've had to stop early because my gears were giving me problems , so I've got to sort them out in Charleston tomorrow.
I am still cycling on the Indian Midland Trail(Route 60) which was very up and down but apparently the worst is over ,I'll be cycling on past Huntington tomorrow if all goes well with my gears.
I believe the Ashes start next week so it's going to be even more exciting!
Wishing everyone a good weekend and goodnights sleep.

2 kommentarer:

  1. He-eya Rupe

    Hvordan går det med dine gear?

    Mange hilsener fra Anita og Søren

  2. Hej Rupert
    spændende at følge med i dine oplevelser !
    kærlig hilsen fra Niels og resten af familien i Oksbøl