søndag den 12. juli 2009

All my hopes of making a good start today were erased at 7.30 when I was caught in yet another thunderstorm and a torrentional downpour,I shot across the road into a shop doorway and stood there until it calmed down a bit,it didn't actually calm down that much but I managed to take refuge in a very pleasant Breakfast Cafe and surprisingly enough there were many people there, it must be a sunday tradition.So I got a coffee and proceeded to study my map of Kansas city so I could be sure that I going in the right direction .With some help from the neighbouring table I managed get a good outline of which street, route and boulevard I should take..thank you Rich!!
But the main problem was still not solved,there was a storm outside but after sometime I managed to get away about 11 o'clock and now I am in Ottowa, Kansas, having done about a 120 kms today,which is ok.
I stopped writing last night because I was on the verge of going out with Ted and his family, and I had a very pleasant time ,strolling around The Plaza,it was a very smart and rich area, being taken out for a pizza,chatting about old days,having a beer or two and finally jamming in lobby of the motel,and the guests seemed quite appreciative!It was good to see you all and thank you Ted and April for taking time out to come all the way down to Kansas.Hope you had a good journey home?
OK! Tomorrow is a brand new day and hopefully without rain..I've got my fingers crossed!!
Goodnight...........Oh by the way...did you know that England drew the first test match?Isn't that good!?..........

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  1. Hi Rupert, Glad to hear that you made it through the severe weather. There is a reason that the movie "The Wizard of Oz," which requires a tornado as a key part of the story, begins in Kansas. We hope you will continue to be careful with regard to severe weather.
    It was great to see you, although, as usual, we wish there had been more time. I hope we can catch up again soon in Denmark or get you and your family to come and visit us in Iowa in the future.
    You are cycling for a great cause and we wish you the best of luck in raising money for this purpose.
    Until next time,
    Best Wishes,
    Ted & April and the family
    P.S., I have Flying Horizons stuck in my head today from listening to your recordings.