lørdag den 11. juli 2009

I woke up this morning to the fading rumble of thunder and luckily it was going east.
So I left the motel about 7 and did a relatively quick 110 kms and arrived downtown town Kansas city at 1 o'clock and dug into one of the best Cheesecakes I 've ever tasted.Ted and his family arrived about 2 o'clock and now we are all going out for a meal.Ted's got his guitar with him so we may end up bar churning out some old hits from way back when!
Tomorrow I'm starting the next chapter of hundreds of kms of straight ,flat landscape......It's going to be interesting.
Have a nice weekend!!

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  1. Hello Rupert,
    I met you yesterday at the fruit stand outside of Kansas City. Good to hear that you made it into the Plaza. I plan to contact the MS Society here in KC about your trip so others can follow your progress. I also sent your blog info to my daughter so she can track your trip. Thank you for what you are doing to raise awareness of MS. I meant to tell you that I visited Denmark several years ago. My two children were with me and were quite small at the time. Everyone I met there was so kind and helpful. It is a lovely country with remarkable people.
    Best wishes on trip and stay safe.
    Linda Redford