torsdag den 16. juli 2009

Coast to coast with a police escort.

Two days ago I had to get off the highway due to the heat , it was over a 100 degrees and scorching, so I cycled into a quiet but pleasant town called Peabody. It was about six in the evening and the town was closing down for the day and I sat in the shade eating my cheese and bread and just observing and relaxing, not too sure where I was going to stay but content just being where I was.
About an hour passed and I started asking around about camping ,motels or whatever and as I was inquiring, down came the rain,then the thunder and everyone disappeared! What now? (It seems to be my usual evening question!)And as I was standing in the shop doorway I saw an interesting looking open pavilion, a place where people sit. Well at least I could sit there until the thunder passes..and that I did,but the rain didn't stop and the lightning kept on and I had resigned to the fact that this would be a long night and maybe I could get a couple of hours sleep on the bench.
So there I was sitting quite happily reading my cricket book and listening to the freight train shunting by every hour and hoping nobody would see me.......but that was not the case, ..a police patrol car drove by and then stopped and I had a feeling that he wanted me to come over and perhaps explain the situation I was in. I went over and explained and he said he understood and told me to go back and carry on reading and he would see what he could do to help and he'd be back in 20 minutes.That was a great relief to me and there was no problem and sure enough he was back and he told he wanted to help me , which was really kind,and take me to the truck station in Newton!...That's where I wanted to get to that evening, so it could not be better!!But what about my Bike, trailer,guitar and bag in this Patrol car!? No problem! So we started dismantling my trailer, front wheel off my bike,and rearranged his gear in the car so my bike,bag and guitar was squeezed onto the backseat and trailer in the boot and there I was sitting with a very friendly police officer at 11 o,clock at night in Peabody and on my way to Newton!
Brad Cady was the patrolman that evening and perhaps it was all in the line of duty, but I felt that this man was sincerely making me feel secure and safe under the circumstances and putting me on the right track .I got to a cheap truckers motel and had a goodnights rest.And if you're reading this Brad.. MANY MANY THANKS!!
OKAY!! So where am I now? Right now I'm sitting in a library in Cimarron about 50 kms east of Garden city, it's been a really good day, I,ve had a tail wind all day and I've done about 180 kms and I think I must be about half way there.(I've lost track of how many kms I've done)
The weather has been very mixed , one hour, very hot then the next rain and thunder and windy, but so far so good..just keeping one eye on the weather!!
I'm off now. I'll blog tomorrow.

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