torsdag den 2. juli 2009

Yesterday was a very good cycling day and I nearly got to Louisville,if it hadn't been for the rain and tiredness. I decided to find some form of campsite before it got too late then I saw a grocery store and decided to ask where there was a place I could pitch my tent and within 5 seconds I was handed the keys of an empty and clean apartment on top of the store ,blankets ,pillows and towels included. The owner, Lori ,arranged breakfast for me the next morning,the best and only Biscuits and Bread I have ever tasted. It's hard to know what to say but I am very grateful...thank you. And now I am on my way towards Jefferson on route 50 that will probably take me all day . I would like to thank Angela and Charlotte for supplying me with coffee and cakes at the Quality inn where I'm writing this blog.
And now I 'm off....see you tomorrow!

1 kommentar:

  1. Heya Rupe

    Wow, you really meet a lot of nice people!

    Jeg ku godt tænke mig at høre dig beskrive de der Biscuits and Bread. Jeg tror jeg har læst om dem i en John Steinbeck novelle ved navn Breakfast.

    Mange hilsener fra Søren

    PS: Er det netcaféer du skriver din blog fra eller hvordan gør du det?