onsdag den 1. juli 2009

Last night just before I fell asleep I very spontaniously said a well wishing prayer for all dogs on this earth and at the same time tried to imagine what they were all actually saying to me while I passed their doors, and just before I dozed off I could hear some of them saying "Bon voyage!,"Goodmorning,haven't seen you before ...do you what to play?" and generally being fairly polite in their own way!!So what about the growlers ?Well basically those are the ones that got out of bed on the wrong side and all you have to do is look them straight in the eyes and say in a high pitched voice is "Who's a Good boy!! Who's a good boy......Basket!!" And if that doesn't work ,pedal as fast as you can........until you get over the hill!!!
Today, so far, I've had absolutely no trouble with these dear animals, in fact one of them even winked at me as if to say "I got the message last night!!"....Perhaps this prayer came true!!
I 've just had lunch in Springfield and have now cycled 1050 kms and and there's more to come today, I can only say that I feel very much refueled and ready to go after a brilliant rest in Berea, it was as if I pulled the plug out for over 24 hours and just went with the flow,Jenifer and Alfredo and their 2 daughters really treated me to a wonderful to tour around Berea, to the Arts and crafts works shops,restaurants ,hotels which all are connected in some way to the College itself.
The town is small but very active, creative and has great atmosphere, there are many who have worked hard keep the traditions of the college and town at the same time develop new outlets and their are alot of young students who really gain from this education and lifestyle . Along with other countries there is strong connection to Denmark, with quite a few student exchanges,and much more...I could go on.
I have met so many kind and interesting people and I ended up playing music together with lots of others last night......For me it was the perfect setting and was able to quietly get the message across about MS and enjoy the others good company.Thank you so very much Jennifer and Alfredo for everything and now I must cycle on...............remember the cricket starts tomorrow!

2 kommentarer:

  1. He-eya Rupe

    Really sounds like a fun evening, wish we couldve been there!
    Great pictures too, did you buy your own service station? X-D (lol)
    We didn't watch the films yet our PC is too slow!
    Anyway, if you see any cows on the prairie, try not to engage them, that's Søren's advice!

    Mange hilsener fra Anita og Søren

  2. He-eya Rupe
    Oh, now the first video worked! Beautiful singing! How come you know these people?
    And Rupert, try not to sneeze in the middle of a recording...get a grip! X-D (lol)
    Mange hilsener fra Anita og Søren