torsdag den 23. juli 2009

Yesterday was a tough and challenging day which ended up in sweet music!I managed to cycle 14kms up a mountain to a place called Monarch which 3500 metres above sea level,I felt very satisfied when I got to the top,what with my fear of heights..I forgot all about them!!It was a little cooler up there and the air was thin , but I 'm getting used to that now. The journey down was comparatively slow because I had my hand on the breaks the whole way down, I actually got cramp in my hands!!
It was 16kms downhill and I arrived at Sargents at the bottom (Still 2500 metres up)at about 6 O'clock and walked into the only shop which was in fact a bar , and surrounded by people either on holiday or just passing through, so I automatically asked if I could play there and there seemed to be no problem .
It ended up with good listening audience so I was able to talk about the my songs and enjoy their company at the same time, it was a good night.Thank you.
I camped out and in fact it was very cold, so tonight I must remember to put everything I've got on!
I made it to Gunnison this morning and had a yet another Biscuits and gravy and a good chat with Butch and Lori who are both travellers.
I seem to meet alot of good people along the way and that really enhances my "Pilgrimage".
I 'm heading for Montrose now I 'll problably make it tomorrow.
See you!

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  1. at hvis vi går ind på "ruten frem til idag" og klikker "satellit" eller "terræn" kan vi tydeligt se hvilke udfordringer du har på turen i øjeblikket :-/