onsdag den 5. august 2009


Eureka is actually a greek word meaning I have found it, and that is where I am right now and the trip was not particularly hard, just quite alot of headwind and quite a bit of dust, I think the next 4 days will be much the same unless the weather gets bad. I've been sleeping in parks,next to police stations ,behind cafes and in woods in the last few days and it's been quite good.....but I have a funny feeling I need a bath... the library is nearly empty now and the librarian is keeping her distance ! I think I'd better leave.
See you tomorrow,in Austin .

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  1. Hi, Rupert!
    I sent a comment way back while you were still in Kentucky, but it didn't make it through somehow. We've been keeping up with your blogs and are really excited for you. What beautiful things you're seeing and what great people you're meeting! I'm encouraged that so many other Americans have been hospitable to you. We like to think of ourselves that way, but it's nice when it actually happens!
    I'm so glad, too, that you've been able to make so much music - alone and with others. I know that's important to you and I understand how it makes the experience sweeter.
    We were away in our own mountains on your birthday so I couldn't send anything - no mobile service or Internet. So happy birthday a little late from us. Isabel turned 6 this past Monday, while you were entering Nevada. Both girls and Alfredo say hello, and we all look forward to seeing you again either here or there!

  2. "Crumb bum" would make for a great upbeat funny country-sounding song. Consider putting your experience to music. Maybe guitar with banjo. I haven't heard that term in a lot of years. I view it as a derogatory word available for use by someone whose values or religion or whatever don't allow them to use more controversial swear words.

  3. at det stykke mellem Eureka og Austin ser ud til at være en af de mest øde strækninger på turen. Så vidt jeg kan se er der lidt over 100 km og måske 2 eller 3 huse undervejs:(