tirsdag den 4. august 2009

What is a crumb bum?

That is todays new word, A Crumb-bum,A crumbbum or maybe just a Crumb Bum.
We were cycling in the midday heat and we had just caught up with each other and were on our way up this fairly steep hill with the wind against us. We could infact see a Restaurant sign about 15 kms away at a junction and that was the best place to have break but when we arrived the lights were on but the door was closed and there was definitly a person in the restaurant but seemed unwilling to open up,I said in a very loud voice that I had come all the way from Denmark and we were AWFULLY hungry and AWFULLY tired,but there was no reply, so we resided to sitting on the porch and eating our bread, cheese and water and that was that until a woman in a pickup truck turned up and started making more noise than I did ,and said she had just driven from California and was not taking no for an answer....but there was no answer and she stormed out and shouted at the top of her voice " YOU'RE JUST A CRUMB BUM!"and then she jumped into her pickup and drove away with the dust flying allover the place.....I must a say I like that name...A Crumb Bum...that should be put in Websters English Dictionary.
Okay I'm now in Ely and heading for Eureka tomorrow...it's going to be hard I think, I'll let you know...
Finally I've got some pictures in.....HURRAH!!!!!!!
See you tomorrow!

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  1. He-eya Rupe

    www.urbandictionary.com defines "crumb bum" as: Someone who isn't doing the work they're supposed to, who's being lazy.

    Dictionary.com says "crumbum" is "a contemptibly objectionable or worthless person".

    You're right about Webster -- it's not in there! I can't find it in the Oxford or Cambridge online dictionaries either!

    Mange hilsener fra Søren

  2. Hi Ruppie, its some days ago I have been on your blog. Back to work after a very nice week in France, and my 2 colleques still on holiday. And Danmark is hit by, well not the influenza itsself, but mostly the panicing, and worries about what it's gonna be. So I am not bored!!! Actuallý I'm 'on duty' right now.
    In the mean time we got your Clara and my Rasmus to paint the windows of our house, and we're quite content about that... For 2 days ago Rasmus, and his friend Ulrik, took off, hitchhiking to Amsterdam!!!, following the footsteps of his old man........ They managed to town the same day, knocking on Henks door at midnight!!
    Hope you're still doing well, got that impression still through your blog. We're missing you and are looking forward to meet you i full size in af few weeks. On friday we're having dinner at yours, we've actually enjoyed Charlottes company a lot (and Clara's as well when she was around).
    Take care, see you on the next blog....