onsdag den 24. juni 2009

Hot and bothered in Covington
The secret is to get up early at 6 0'clock and get going as soon as possible and then you've got time to get some serious cycling in, including breaks, so by 2 o'clock you've clocked up 70 to 80 kms , with a bit of luck!!! But in reality you can attempt but you just can't cycle around these hills.....I met three hills in a row today and that was three too many!! I've heard serious rumours that Lance Armstrong used or uses these mountains to train on.....I bet he doesn't train with a 20kg Bob Yak trailer on the back of his bike.!!.......The point is, these hills hit me like a ton of bricks and I'm not alone on this because I met a man this morning, who is also on his way to San fransisco , who had experienced exactly same thing, (He also had the same trailer as me)so I felt quite conforted by that.Anyway the scenery here is outstanding ,I've certainly come at the right time where everything is very lush and in full bloom, it's very picturesque in the valleys as well.
Tomorrow I 'll be cycling Lewisberg which is only 50 km ,I'll be visiting a couple who have connections (through their daughter)with Trunderup Friskole and I think that will be quite relaxing and interesting.
Anyway by tomorrow I'll have done 430 km in 4 days ... I think that's roughly on schedule.
I off to bed now , sleep tight everyone!

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  1. Hello Rupert!!!
    It's Emily...from Micahs Coffee in Waynesboro VA! I hope you got see and swin at Falling Springs in Covington! This is REALLY interesting to see you travel from place to place, sounds like the hills are HARDto travel...i dont know how you do it! Sorry to hear about you getting pulled over by the cops...hope they were helpful. Such a BOTHER you are, causing all that trouble!!! :) ha!
    i have yet to check out the music we talked about on your blog, just wanted to say hello, see how you were doing, and now i am off to explore your page!
    much peace, light, safe, fun and fabulous travels...